Genuine Toyota Oil Change

Winter Oil Change in Kingston, ON

Maintaining your vehicle is essential to its reliability and smooth operation, but the winter climate makes it crucial to keep up with your vehicle to avoid mishaps. At Kingston Toyota, we can help you get your vehicle ready for driving through winter, so visit us to get your vehicle’s maintenance up-to-date and consider exploring our newest Toyota models during your visit.

Benefits Of Changing Your Engine Oil For Winter

Enjoy A Smooth Running Engine

With an oil change before winter, your vehicle’s engine will run smoother, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable daily commute without worrying about a noisy engine.

Maintain Proper Lubrication

Changing your oil before winter will ensure your engine has proper lubrication throughout, providing the internal components with much-needed protection. Neglecting to change your engine oil before winter will result in poor lubrication due to thicker old oil that will struggle to circulate to engine components.

Prolong Your Engine’s Lifespan

Changing your engine oil will allow it to continue serving you reliably for its entire lifespan. However, the colder winter temperatures can make it even more important to change the engine oil to avoid prematurely wearing out internal components.

Maximize Your Engine’s Performance & Efficiency

An oil change will ensure that your engine has good lubrication properties, which will let you maximize the performance and efficiency of your engine, saving you money in the long run. Old oil causes added friction that reduces performance while requiring more fuel consumption for the same output.

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