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Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Change Your Cabin Air Filter

At Kingston Toyota, we have a healthy selection of new Toyota models and numerous automotive services, ensuring we can support our customers as they shop for a new Toyota or maintain their current vehicle. A cabin air filter replacement is a common service from our Service Centre, helping drivers keep their vehicles smelling fresh while enjoying climate control inside the cabin. Visit our showroom today and speak to our experts to learn more about vehicle maintenance during spring.

Reasons To Change Your Cabin Air Filter During Spring

After the various seasons, your cabin air filter will have dust and debris build-up that causes airflow issues and smells up the air entering the cabin. The filter will likely have leaves from the fall and road grime from the winter, making it a good time to replace the cabin air filter during spring. Since the spring season is usually when the roads are the cleanest other than summer, it might be a good idea to change the filter then. Also, it’s the most convenient time to change the filter since you will likely be getting an oil change and a tire swap after the winter months.

Benefits Of Changing Cabin Air Filter

There are many benefits to changing your cabin air filter, including improving airflow to maintain optimal efficiency for the climate control system. Also, your air conditioning requires airflow to be at its maximum to provide much-needed cooling during the hotter days of the year. Not only will replacing the cabin air filter enhance airflow and cooling, but it will also eliminate odors that a wet or dirty filter might cause.

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