Toyota Comfort+ Heating Accessories

Toyota Comfort+ Heating Accessories

Driving a new Toyota brings your daily commute and weekend adventures loads of benefits and perks, so visit our showroom at Kingston Toyota to explore the latest models available. We stock many new Toyota models that cater to a wide range of preferences and needs, which can be equipped with the Toyota Comfort+ heating accessories to help you navigate Canada’s winter. We can’t wait for you to stop by our showroom at your earliest convenience so our friendly associates can assist you with your Toyota needs.

Block Heater

With the block heater, you can plug this accessory directly into a household outlet to warm up the engine block and oil, allowing your Toyota to be ready for start-ups even on the coldest days. Using the block heater will prevent the added friction caused by the oil thickening from the cold, providing your engine with optimal lubrication during starts, which is perfect for Canadian winters.

Cabin Warmner

The compact cabin heater mounts inside your Toyota’s interior to provide a low-energy heat source to combat ice and snow build-up on windows. It functions by warming up the cabin first, which as a result, helps the windows to clear up without requiring the vehicle’s engine to be on.

Trickle Charger

A trickle charger is an onboard system that lets you keep your Toyota’s 12-volt battery charged while not being used for some time. It extends your 12-volt battery’s lifespan and adjusts charging rates accordingly to maintain its voltage. You can easily use this accessory by plugging it in directly to a household outlet, and you can monitor the tickler charger through the COMFORT+ app.

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