Spring Vehicle Cleaning in Kingston

Spring Vehicle Cleaning in Kingston, ON

Now that our roads are clear of snow, ice, slush, and salt, it’s time to treat your vehicle to some TLC and a thorough cleaning inside and out. As a dealership offering a meticulous detailing service to drivers based in Kingston, Ottawa, Belleville, ON, and beyond, Kingston Toyota can fill you in on how best to clean your car for spring. Find out more below and contact Kingston Toyota today to book your next detailing or maintenance appointment with our Service Centre.

A proper spring cleaning will help preserve your cabin materials, paint, and bodywork, and we suggest working from the inside out and the top down, as this will make debris and other dirt easy to pick up with a vacuum cleaner. Remember to treat your seats and carpet to a gentle, foam-based cleaner, and wipe down your hard surfaces with a microfiber cloth and water-based cleaner. An air compressor will come in handy to thoroughly clean your car’s vents and tight spaces, and after you’ve scrubbed your floor mats, remember to vacuum your floor and upholstery. Next comes cleaning your windows and mirrors, and when tending to your paint and bodywork, we suggest using a microfiber cloth for a hand wash and polish to avoid any scratches. When washing your rims, use a product made for your type of wheels, whether steel or aluminum, and scrub your tires before waxing your car’s exterior for an added layer of protection. If you’d rather leave your spring cleaning to a professional, Kingston Toyota can oblige, and we’ll be happy to rid your car of any debris, dirt, contaminants, and scratches and have it looking good as new.

For more spring cleaning tips or to reserve your detailing appointment, contact us at Kingston Toyota today.