Winter Tires

Spring Tire Swap in Kingston, ON

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Importance Of Changing Your Tires For Spring

After winter, you will want to get a tire swap to install your all-season or summer set onto your vehicle, eliminating the chance of prematurely wearing out your winter set. Since winter tires have a soft rubber compound suitable for temperatures below seven degrees Celcius, driving them through the spring will wear out the tread quickly. Also, winter tires are unsuitable for spring climate and conditions, causing safety concerns since you will have poor traction on hot, rainy days. Nevertheless, swapping to all-season tires will eliminate those issues while providing a secure driving experience.

Benefits Of Tire Swaps

Having two sets of tires to suit the driving seasons is a critical part of vehicle ownership in Canada, providing loads of benefits. With separate tire sets to swap for the seasons, you will save money since you won’t have to pay for tire mounting and will benefit from maximum traction throughout your drives. Also, your tire sets will last longer when driven only in the appropriate climate, saving you even more money in the long run. Tire swaps are also the ideal way to change between tires, making it quick to swap around after winter.

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