Genuine Toyota Batteries

Genuine Toyota Batteries

Kingston Toyota Battery Service and Replacement

Your vehicle's battery is likely very low on the list of things you think about. You have jumper cables in your trunk, but never really think about having to use them. Vehicle batteries have become increasingly reliable, so we often forget they exist. That is, until they fail.

Few things are worse than being stuck in the parking lot with a dead car battery. However, regular use causes batteries to simply lose their ability to hold a charge as well as when the battery was brand new. A battery will degrade even under perfect conditions, plus instances like extreme heat and frequent short trips further decrease a battery's lifespan.

If your car battery is at least three years old, your headlights and interior lights may dim while driving, and your car may take longer to start up than before. If you'v had to use those dusty jumper cables lately, it may be time for a new car battery. Prevent an inconvenient dead car battery and simply schedule an appointment at Kingston Toyota. Our factory-trained experts are here to help.

our Genuine Toyota battery parts are manufactured to Toyota's strict standards and specifically designed to be used in your Toyota. No matter the weather conditions, our Toyota parts will make sure your car starts. You'll have the confidence to go explore and finally leave the jumper cables in the trunk for good.

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