Genuine Toyota Battery Service

Optimize Your Vehicle’s Battery in Winter

At Kingston Toyota, we strive to keep you safe on the road. The harsh Canadian winter season takes its toll on your vehicle, which can greatly compromise safety. Your vehicle’s battery, one of the essential components to your vehicle performing optimally, gets affected most by the cold weather. Here’s how to care for your car battery this winter!

How Cold Weather Affects the Battery

When your car is exposed to cold weather in winter, the battery power can be drained by as much as 60%, which makes it difficult to start. This usually happens at sub-zero temperatures of -17?. At 0?, a car battery loses about 35% of its power. Older cars and batteries are also more likely to die during the cold.

Vehicle Battery Care and Maintenance

1.Get Battery Inspections

To ensure your battery won’t lose charge at unfortunate times and leave you stranded, get regular battery checks in winter. We recommend scheduling an inspection with a professional who will be able to examine your entire electrical system and notice early signs of corrosion.

2.Protect Your Vehicle

If it’s possible, try storing your vehicle in a garage or underground parking. Storing your vehicle away from the elements helps protect it from excess moisture and freezing temperatures that affect the battery.

3.Drive Your Car

If you tend not to drive your car often in winter, the battery is more likely to lose charge. We recommend driving at least 10 km or more twice a week to give your battery the opportunity to recharge.

Get a Vehicle Inspection Today

For expert advice on caring for your vehicle and optimizing the performance of your battery in winter, visit our Service Centre in Kingston, Ontario, for a professional inspection. We’ll ensure your entire vehicle and its essential components are thoroughly examined for your utmost safety on the road. For more winter vehicle maintenance tips, contact us today!