Importance Of Wheel Alignment Checks & Service After Pothole Season

Importance Of Wheel Alignment Checks & Service After Pothole Season

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Winter Roads & Their Impact On Your Vehicle

While driving through winter roads, you will find more potholes than usual, which present an array of issues to your vehicle. Driving over potholes can cause your vehicle’s alignment to be out of specification, or it can cause failure to various components of your suspension. Although you can’t always avoid potholes while driving, you should regularly check your vehicle and keep in mind the impact that these potholes can have on your vehicle. Regardless, having your vehicle’s alignment and suspension checked after pothole season would be beneficial, letting you enjoy your vehicle’s best ride quality.

Why You Should Get Your Vehicle’s Alignment Checked & Adjusted

Although your vehicle’s alignment should be checked and adjusted regularly, it becomes even more important to do so when you drive through winter roads filled with potholes. Not only will having your vehicle’s alignment adjusted often provide the best handling, but it will also prolong the lifespan of tires and suspension components. Also, your vehicle’s alignment can be affected if you hit a curb or run over road debris, which is more likely to happen during winter driving.

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