Difference Between Hybrids and Prime

Toyota Hybrid Models vs. PRIME Hybrid Models

Toyota Hybrid Models vs. PRIME Hybrid Models

At Kingston Toyota, we are always improving our services and training our associates to deliver nothing short of complete satisfaction throughout every interaction, making us the ideal dealership to visit for all Toyota-related needs. We serve our local community and nearby areas with a high-quality new inventory featuring many popular Toyota models, including hybrid and PRIME variants. Also, we have multiple great options when shopping for a Toyota model through our used inventory, giving you further savings. Visit our showroom today to learn more about the electrified Toyota lineup, and lets us match you with the ideal model for your specific requirements.


Advantages Of Driving A Toyota Hybrid

A Toyota hybrid can be an excellent choice for most drivers since it requires no additional driving input than a traditional model. However, you will benefit from having a hybrid powertrain that recharges itself throughout every drive while enhancing the fuel economy of the gasoline engine. Besides the enhanced fuel economy, a hybrid powertrain can extend the driving range while lowering running costs. The current Toyota hybrid lineup consists of the Prius, Corolla Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, Crown, RAV4 Hybrid, Venza, Highlander Hybrid, Sequoia, Sienna, and Tundra Hybrid.

Advantages Of Driving A Toyota PRIME Hybrid

With a Toyota PRIME model, you will have a plug-in powertrain that enhances fuel economy and performance. Depending on the model and charger type, you can recharge a Toyota PRIME model quickly while on the go or over some time as it's parked. A Toyota PRIME can be an ideal choice if you wish to have maximum savings on fuel and wish to utilize the all-electric driving range provided, which can be perfect for daily commutes around town. Also, you can find a PRIME variant of your favourite Toyota models, including the Prius PRIME and RAV4 PRIME.

How To Choose Which Is Best For You

Even though both types of hybrid Toyota models provide varying advantages, you must consider your specific needs and situation before choosing which is best for you. For starters, you should consider how often you plan to drive, how far, and the accessibility for charging at your primary residence. You might want to consider a hybrid model if you live in an apartment without access to charging and frequently travel far. However, you might benefit from the additional range and efficiency if you have a place to plug in your Toyota PRIME, such as at home or work.

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With a team of friendly sales experts and many years of experience, you can contact us anytime to enlist the help of our team in narrowing your search to the ideal Toyota for you. Whether you are looking for a hybrid or a PRIME model, our selection has various options, so stop by our showroom and consider utilizing our Service Centre during your ownership.