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Our 6-Step Maintenance Checklist for Driving Less

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Over the last year, a lot of us have been driving less. Way less.
Our vehicles have been sitting idle for long periods. The warmer weather means we can start getting out more often, and it’s easy to assume your vehicle is ready to go. You’ve barely driven it, right?
But the fact is, your vehicle is made to be driven. And many things can occur just from the passage of time.
Here are some quick maintenance tips to help you make sure you’re good to go.
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2021 Toyota TRD Pro & Trail Editions: A stellar colour change and bold updates

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Key highlights:

  • A new exclusive colour for the 2021 TRD Pro models of Toyota’s lineup including Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner, and Sequoia
  • 4Runner shines brighter than ever with all-new LED lights
  • 4Runner TRD Pro outfitted with new shocks and wheels
  • Trail Special Editions will be available this fall
Replacing the Army Green of previous years, Toyota has announced a switch to a Lunar Rock gray for its lineup for its TRD Pro lineup of vehicles. This new color is sure to turn heads and make people gasp in awe as you zoom down the road in some of the new…
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