Few things are better than spending your afternoon next to the water, with a fishing pole in one hand and a cold beer in the other. Whether you’re taking a trip to Cranberry Lake, Big Rideau Lake, or Frontenac Park, it helps to prep your truck to prevent any lost or broken gear, and to avoid unnecessary headache. Our team has compiled a list of essential Toyota truck gear that will make your day at the lake stress free and unforgettable.


It’s essential to keep your belongings secure and protected. Not only will this help prevent possible theft of your favorite tackle box, but cleanup after the muddy trip will be a breeze, too.

Tonneau Cover

Once you get a tonneau cover, you’ll never go back. Keep your belongings secure in the bed of your truck, and easily protect them from sun and rain. Even better, you don’t have to worry about anything flying out while driving. There are many different kinds of tonneau covers, like hard or soft tri-fold varieties. Some even come equipped with locking features, so you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your fish coolers or beer.

Rubber Mats

Easy to clean material, like rubber, is perfect for simply spraying and wiping away all sorts of grime. Protect your cabin floorboards with all season floor mats, and your truck bed with rubber bed mats. After especially dirty adventures, these mats can be pulled out and quickly sprayed off for added ease.


Keeping your gear organized and easy to access is a surefire way to lessen the time it takes to get your fishing gear ready, and increase the time you’re out catching fish.

Bed Extender

Gone are the days of having to decide what to bring on your fishing trip and what to leave behind. With a bed extender you could even bring enough to grill out after a long day at the lake. This option is definitely safer than regular old ratchet straps or bungee cords, plus much quicker and easier to use once installed.

Bed Divider

A simple way to keep your coolers from slipping around the truck bed every time you tap the breaks is to get a truck bed divider. Keep more delicate items securely in place, or keep your fishing gear and recreational equipment separated for easy organization.


What’s the point of going out to fish if you spend most of the time stressing and hassling with your gear? Luckily, there are accessories to make your trip much simpler.

Bed Lighting Kit

Whether you’re packing before sunrise to hit the water early, or unloading after a long evening out, it helps to see what you’re doing. Luckily, there are special LED lights available for installation that can help make nighttime navigation around your truck bed easier. These lights for the Toyota Tacoma are angled for precise help without blinding you every time you open your tailgate.

Rear Bumper Step

Once installed, a rear bumper step makes a fishing trip with the kids that much simpler by adding an additional step to the bumper of your truck. When in the downright position, your kiddos can easily hop in and out of the truck bed, meaning more family fun time and less potential accidents.

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