Importance Of Wheel Alignment Checks & Service After Pothole Season

Alignment Check For Winter in Kingston, ON

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Benefits Of Checking Your Vehicle’s Alignment For Winter

Precise Steering & Handling

With proper alignment, your vehicle will benefit from having precise steering and handling characteristics, allowing you to confidently control your vehicle as you venture through tough road and winter weather conditions.

Prevent Premature Tire Wear

You can expect your vehicle to prematurely wear out its winter tires if you have a bad alignment, costing you more money in the long run and wasting your time as you have to visit the shop more often.

Maximize Fuel Economy

Since your vehicle’s wheels contribute significantly to its fuel economy, you must perform a wheel alignment to maximize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, eliminating the added drag of having wheels that are improperly aligned.

Smoother Ride Quality

A vehicle with wheels out of alignment will have ride quality issues that might produce vibrations and shaking, which make driving long distances exhausting. Also, the cold temperatures of winter can add to that issue, making it a good idea to perform an alignment for winter.

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